The firearm courses are available to Canadian Civilians and it is categorized as Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC/ Non-Restricted) and Canadian Restricted Firearm Safety Course (CRFSC). Restricted firearm courses are the courses provided to the beginner-level who want to possess and learn firearm skills with precautions. After the completion of these courses, the individual is eligible to acquire a PAL (Possession and Acquisition License). It is a must to acquire PAL for those who want to own firearms for safety purposes or for shooting hobbies. It is good to have firearms for those who are fond of shooting but it is equally necessary to use restricted firearms with care and precautions. This article covers essential details about the firearm Safety Course.

Firearm Course And Restricted Firearm Courses: Both Are Similar?

Do you think that the Firearm Course and Restricted Firearm Course; both are the same? No, there is a hairline difference between the Firearm Course and Restricted Firearm Courses. Both courses are prevailing in Canada under the RCMP authority. Let’s clear the difference between these two courses.

What Is a FireArm Course?

A firearm course is popular by other names like a firearm safety course or a firearm training program. It is an educational program designed to teach individuals about the operation or legal responsibilities associated with firearms. This is imparted by the professional experts that are certified by Canadian higher authority like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

What Is a Restricted Firearm Course?

Restricted Firearm Course is a special kind of course designed for individuals in Canada who own a PAL license for restricted firearms. In Canada, firearms are classified into two: Non-restricted firearms and Restricted Firearms. Different firearms need different regulations and licensing requirements. Restricted Firearms include handguns, semi-automatic rifles and other firearms designated by law.

Restricted Firearm Course: Attention To Details

Restricted Firearm Course is a comprehensive course where many topics are covered under a single course and it makes you a skillful shooter. Let’s discuss what you should know about the Restricted Firearm Course.

  1. Inspect The Purpose-

The purpose of a restricted firearm course is to educate the individuals who seek the ownership of a firearm. This course includes the essential things about firearms like responsible storage and transportation, safe handling, and legal responsibilities associated with owning and using firearms.

  1. Know About Eligibility and Certification-

To be eligible for the restricted firearm course, the Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC/ Non-restricted) is a pre-requisite. It is an introductory course for beginner shooting individuals. These courses are mandatory for acquiring a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL). Once the candidates complete these courses, they will get the completion certificate it is required for applying to PAL.

  1. Information about Curriculum and Duration-

Ideally, the duration of a restricted firearm course may be one day and it may vary depending upon the instructor or training provider. The curriculum includes safe handling practices and storage, legal information about acquiring firearms, practical exercises,s and demonstrations at shooting ranges.

  1. Know the Training Provider Qualification-

The firearm is associated with safety, so it is necessary to know the qualifications of the training provider. They must be certified by the RCMP. They have undergone rigorous training to ensure they can teach course content.

  1. Aware About The Renewal of PAL-

Once the PAL expires, gets renewed every five years, and regular testing and safety training is required to maintain the shooting ability of the firearm.


Before enrolling in the firearm academy, you should know the details about the firearm courses. This article provided the essential details of the restricted firearm courses. Before participating and challenging the exam of the restricted firearm course, it is a must to clear the Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC/ Non-restricted). GTA Firearm Academy provides field knowledge of firearms by taking you to the shooting range. Be skillful and responsible in using firearms with Firearm Courses.